Halo Reach Spartan – Fully 3D Printable

This is a full set of 3D Printable Halo Armor. All the armor files here are custom made with every detail one could hope for. Each file was painstakingly created to perfectly match what appears in-game, with improved/smoothed geometries and baked in details.

This file set includes the following premium 3D Printable Files:
– Chest and Back (Male)
– Chest and Back (Female) (Not Shown)
– Cod/Belt Front, Cod/Belt Side, Cod/Belt Back
– Diaphragm Armor Top
– Diaphragm Armor Bottom
– Electronics Modules (2 Variants)
– Bicep and Bicep Strap
– Forearm Base, Forearm Top, and Forearm Buckles (Not Shown)
– Hand Plates (Male)
– Thighs
– FJ/Para Knee Top and Bottom
– Shins
– Boot Base, Boot Top, and Boot Rear
– Commando Shoulder
– Custom ODST Helmet with Gen2 AI Port

It also includes patterns for the undersuit parts, with separate arm hole covers for both male and female.

Not everything is unfolded, and some templates are used as placeholders just to add bulk to the avatar for reference for spacing and scaling of the armor with what you would add with an undersuit using 1/2″ upholstery foam.

Unfolder WandererTJ
Modeller WandererTJ/Cobbatron
Unfold Type Paper
Paper Type Custom
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