Fallout 3 t45d Foam power armor

This is the armor from fallout 3, templates are converted for foam cut outs. check he4thbar on insta if you wish to see what it looks like when built.
This includes all my foam converted templates, listed below is all the parts it should show
– Chest – Helmet – Wing(shoulder) – Bicep – forearm – COD piece – rear fanny pack – thighs – Knee pad – Shin – Shoe
-Along with these files, i included my PDFs, this was built for a 6’2″ height, however there is plenty of space for width.
-Last folder is the OBJ folder, this contains the original OBJs and main file I used which can be unfolded in pepakura if you do not own armorsmith.

These files were created from the in game files that I disected in blender and converted for templates.
Hope you all enjoy, and would love to see more power armors made from this file.
(you may have to resize some pieces. this was made for my body scale at 6’2″ 180LBs)

Unfolder he4thbar
Modeller he4thbar
Unfold Type Foam
Paper Type Letter
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